Lock Yourself In A Room…….

……and don’t come out until you’ve taken 24 photos. I read this suggestion in a book called ‘The Passionate Photographer’ by Steve Simon. It’s a great book and a great way to exercise your photographic muscles. I took a roll of 35mm film with 24 exposures and locked myself in my bathroom, which is about 4 metres by 3 metres and didn’t allow myself to … Continue reading Lock Yourself In A Room…….

The Ainu – Starting A Photography project with The Indigenous People of Japan

I’ve had an interest in making a project with the Ainu for a while. I am fascinated with indigenous cultures, mostly because their worldviews are pre-science and religion and are a more direct expression of who we are as humans. They are also a meeting point of a number of issues in modern society namely ecological, national identity, land rights and spirituality. My project doesn’t … Continue reading The Ainu – Starting A Photography project with The Indigenous People of Japan

WWOOFing In Hokkaido – Chinita Farm

WWOOF (World Wide Organisation of Organic Farms) is an international organisation set up in England in 1971 to offer a work experience exchange with organic farmers. In exchange for a few hours work a day, WWOOFers are given food and board. To read more about it check out my article on WWOOFing in Hokkaido here. The following post is about my experience on a WWOOF … Continue reading WWOOFing In Hokkaido – Chinita Farm

Homeless in Tokyo – Day 4

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that last week I spent 2 days with Matsuyoshi san – a homeless man in Tokyo on my second stint sleeping on the streets. I slept terribly on the first night and would hazard a guess that I managed half an hour of sleep, but felt surprisingly chipper the following day. As I mentioned in my day … Continue reading Homeless in Tokyo – Day 4

Homeless In Tokyo – Day 3

I came back to stay with Matsuyoshi san again for a couple of nights from last night. Since I have to work too, I am not currently able to do a long unbroken stint of staying with him, but I’m finding that doing it this way gives me time to take in and process what I learnt last time. I have noticed since doing this … Continue reading Homeless In Tokyo – Day 3

WWOOFing In Hokkaido, Japan

As well as wanting to learn how to produce my own food so I will be able to survive the imminent apocalypse, I want to know more about where the resource that is most important to my survival and that I spend most of my money on, comes from (food, not camera equipment). Since I live in Japan and am planning on making a photography … Continue reading WWOOFing In Hokkaido, Japan