Clicking Photos In India

I have spent the last two months in India – One month travelling around Himachal Pradesh in the North West of the country and one month in Delhi (which at this time of the year , in this heat, is totally masochistic and I would not recommend it to anyone unless you love the combination of dust, extreme heat and honking cars). Photography is big … Continue reading Clicking Photos In India

Making A Photo Essay

In putting together the photo essay for my project on Matsuyoshi san – a homeless man in Tokyo called ‘Ibashoganai’ I was quite perplexed as to where to start and how to go about it. I had around 3500 photos and have never constructed a photo essay before. Not being particularly well schooled in visual literacy and being quite attached to certain photos, I did … Continue reading Making A Photo Essay

Lock Yourself In A Room…….

……and don’t come out until you’ve taken 24 photos. I read this suggestion in a book called ‘The Passionate Photographer’ by Steve Simon. It’s a great book and a great way to exercise your photographic muscles. I took a roll of 35mm film with 24 exposures and locked myself in my bathroom, which is about 4 metres by 3 metres and didn’t allow myself to … Continue reading Lock Yourself In A Room…….

Sunny 16 – Moving Into Manual

It may sound like the name for another generic J-pop band with asymmetrical haircuts, but it’s actually a useful tip to help you ease your way into shooting in manual. Not having studied photography, I missed out on photography 101 and basic principals of like the Sunny 16, which is so simple and one of those things that makes life so much easier when you … Continue reading Sunny 16 – Moving Into Manual

Using Picture Control

With the aim of working towards getting as much of the finished shot in your camera before editing, and also working on previsualising by way of choosing your aesthetic before shooting it because you know (hope or guess) that particular shot will work in that aesthetic. You can use your picture control setting on your camera to modify your image when shooting instead of in … Continue reading Using Picture Control

7 Rather Naughty Tips To Getting Sharper Photos

Making pictures sharp doesn’t have to be hard, just follow these 7 simple tips and carry on shooting!   1. Grip It Firmly When I first started taking photos I would occasionally see photographers in the street, adopting an almost marksman like pose. I thought they were taking themselves a bit seriously. But now realise that holding the camera firmly is one of the techniques … Continue reading 7 Rather Naughty Tips To Getting Sharper Photos