Clicking Photos In India

I have spent the last two months in India – One month travelling around Himachal Pradesh in the North West of the country and one month in Delhi (which at this time of the year , in this heat, is totally masochistic and I would not recommend it to anyone unless you love the combination of dust, extreme heat and honking cars). Photography is big … Continue reading Clicking Photos In India

TOKYO ATMOSPHERES – Nakano to Koenji

Nakano(中野), which means Middle Field in English  (Naka (中)= middle、 No(野) = field) was the first place that I saw graffiti in Tokyo (it was also the first place I saw hookers in the street). Being from London I instantly felt more at home than I did in some of the more sterile and less edgy parts of Tokyo. It’s not really an attractive part … Continue reading TOKYO ATMOSPHERES – Nakano to Koenji