Clicking Photos In India

I have spent the last two months in India – One month travelling around Himachal Pradesh in the North West of the country and one month in Delhi (which at this time of the year , in this heat, is totally masochistic and I would not recommend it to anyone unless you love the combination of dust, extreme heat and honking cars). Photography is big … Continue reading Clicking Photos In India

No Comment – What Do You Think About Photographers Commenting On Their Own Photos?

Getting your work on social media sites like facebook and instagram is essential for any budding photographers who want to get their work seen. There’s a few things to ge your head round, like hashtags and how to upload from a laptop or PC (I use a program called Flume, which is well work the few dollars it costs and allows you to directly upload … Continue reading No Comment – What Do You Think About Photographers Commenting On Their Own Photos?

Sokerissa – Homeless Dance Performance in Tokyo

Sokerissa are a dance group for homeless people based in Tokyo. I initially found out about them through Matsuyoshi san, who I have been working on a photo documentary with. He is a member and invited me to come to rehearsals. I have been going along for a few months and  tonight I saw the first of three performances this weekend in Higashi Ikebukuro Chuo … Continue reading Sokerissa – Homeless Dance Performance in Tokyo

Making A Photo Essay

In putting together the photo essay for my project on Matsuyoshi san – a homeless man in Tokyo called ‘Ibashoganai’ I was quite perplexed as to where to start and how to go about it. I had around 3500 photos and have never constructed a photo essay before. Not being particularly well schooled in visual literacy and being quite attached to certain photos, I did … Continue reading Making A Photo Essay

Lock Yourself In A Room…….

……and don’t come out until you’ve taken 24 photos. I read this suggestion in a book called ‘The Passionate Photographer’ by Steve Simon. It’s a great book and a great way to exercise your photographic muscles. I took a roll of 35mm film with 24 exposures and locked myself in my bathroom, which is about 4 metres by 3 metres and didn’t allow myself to … Continue reading Lock Yourself In A Room…….