Sokerissa – Homeless Dance Performance in Tokyo

Sokerissa are a dance group for homeless people based in Tokyo. I initially found out about them through Matsuyoshi san, who I have been working on a photo documentary with. He is a member and invited me to come to rehearsals. I have been going along for a few months and  tonight I saw the first of three performances this weekend in Higashi Ikebukuro Chuo … Continue reading Sokerissa – Homeless Dance Performance in Tokyo

WWOOFing In Hokkaido – Chinita Farm

WWOOF (World Wide Organisation of Organic Farms) is an international organisation set up in England in 1971 to offer a work experience exchange with organic farmers. In exchange for a few hours work a day, WWOOFers are given food and board. To read more about it check out my article on WWOOFing in Hokkaido here. The following post is about my experience on a WWOOF … Continue reading WWOOFing In Hokkaido – Chinita Farm

WWOOFing In Hokkaido, Japan

As well as wanting to learn how to produce my own food so I will be able to survive the imminent apocalypse, I want to know more about where the resource that is most important to my survival and that I spend most of my money on, comes from (food, not camera equipment). Since I live in Japan and am planning on making a photography … Continue reading WWOOFing In Hokkaido, Japan

Hitchhiking In Japan – Hokkaido

Hitch-hiking in most European, or Western countries seems to be something that only the brave or desperate do these days. But, surprisingly in Japan it is still a feasible way to travel, though few Japanese or foreigners that I have met here have actually done it. Japanese people tend to be quite trusting, and this level of trust combined with a general interest, though shyness … Continue reading Hitchhiking In Japan – Hokkaido