Sokerissa – Homeless Dance Performance in Tokyo

Sokerissa are a dance group for homeless people based in Tokyo. I initially found out about them through Matsuyoshi san, who I have been working on a photo documentary with. He is a member and invited me to come to rehearsals. I have been going along for a few months and  tonight I saw the first of three performances this weekend in Higashi Ikebukuro Chuo Park (also famous for its friendly cats). It was great to see the hard work over the last few months pay off and it is clear to anyone watching that these guys take what they do seriously.

Everytime I spent time with these guys the enthusiasm for what they do is infectious. Yuki Aoki the head of Sokerissa works so hard to keep the group going and the dancers are totally dedicated to the group. The work that Sokerissa do is so beneficial for a group of people on the fringes of society who through Sokerissa can find a sense of purpose, acceptance and a way to build self esteem.


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