Lock Yourself In A Room…….

……and don’t come out until you’ve taken 24 photos.

I read this suggestion in a book called ‘The Passionate Photographer’ by Steve Simon. It’s a great book and a great way to exercise your photographic muscles.

I took a roll of 35mm film with 24 exposures and locked myself in my bathroom, which is about 4 metres by 3 metres and didn’t allow myself to come out until I’d finished the roll.

It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t exciting but I can honestly say it helped my photography, which I noticed almost immediately as I went to photograph a gig the following day. It’s the photographic equivalent of playing on an old cheap crappy guitar then being given a Fender Strat. Practice trying to squeeze the most out of not very much and when you get given something good to play with you can really get the best out of it.

I think I have to do this more than once and perhaps in a different room next time! I recommend giving it a go and even if you don’t have a film camera just limit yourself to 24 shots on whatever you do have.


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